Lisa Yu
Lisa Yu

Lisa Yu

Investor, Entrepreneur, Coach


Lisa is a crypto and tech investor, executive coach, and champion of people. She is a venture capitalist, seasoned entrepreneur, and advisor to startups.

She is actively investing in blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, L1, L2, NFTs, DAOs, dApps, the metaverse, and all things Web3.

She is a coach for FEDTECH, a deep tech venture platform powering startups, founders, and inventors of frontier technology. She is currently accelerating AI and GNSS Technology with the Homeland Security Startup Studio.

She is the former Founder & CEO of Officebook and an advisor for Kura Tech, AR/VR glasses and CES Innovation Award winner. She is also an advocate for Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.

She lives in Los Angeles, CA where she enjoys coaching entrepreneurs, launching products, beach hopping, experimental baking, rock climbing, DJing, and speaking at global events.


Pitch Coaching

"Lisa's coaching was invaluable for us to polish our pitch. She not only provided practical and honest feedback to improve our pitch but also provided a great framework and process we could leverage in the long run. In addition, I was impressed by her keen product sense, which gave us a fresh view on our product. I highly recommend Lisa's coaching for new founders who like to jump start their business with more confidence." - Raised $1.4M Seed

Jae Chung

CEO of Thumb Technologies

“Lisa invited me to the inaugural Startup Showcase in Venice. It was a lovely evening where I was able to showcase geCKo Materials' adhesive and our new website. Being able to do our soft launch on stage was fabulous. Lisa is well connected and packed the event with lovely, strategic, and fun people. She also really cared to learn our tech so she could communicate our vision to others. It was this caring touch that really made me feel special and honored to be presenting at her event. Her personal visions of supporting female founders and sustainability are clear and she walks the walk! She was able to adjust and accommodate last minute making the event a perfect evening for all. She led a fabulous event and would 12/10 recommend for any investors and fellow startups.” - Referred to lead investor at $26M

Capella Kerst

CEO of geCKo Materials

"Lisa helped our startup, Sport Source, at a pivotal time in the growth of our company. 48 hours before a giant pitch, Lisa took our SOS call for a revised scaling plan - and not only helped us devise a masterfully strategic growth plan, but did it on a weekend in record time. Lisa understands the micro as well as the big picture needs of startups and integrates this into her coaching - balancing long term goals with short term strategic objectives. Her help helped us walk into our presentations with confidence and impress our investors." - Raised $725K Seed

Molly Kline

COO of Sport Source

“I loved working with Lisa. I first hired her to help me streamline my pitch deck to be investor-ready. I wasn't gaining traction fast enough and needed a seasoned eye to help me pinpoint any weaknesses in my presentation. She was exceptional at helping to find and extract concise and powerful messaging for my vision and business. Her holistic perspective as a Founder gave a valuable dimension of insight to my fundraising strategy. It was a pleasure to collaborate with her and very productive time spent.”

Tiffany Markarian


“Lisa was an invaluable coach during every step of the pitch process from document preparation, delivery practice, strategic planning and day of coaching. I have learned so much from Lisa's experience and guidance. She is a true expert in her field and top of the top at what she does!” - Raised $725K Seed

Casey Trujeque

CEO of Sports Source

“Lisa gave insightful feedback as I was preparing for my showcase pitch. She gave tips on how I could communicate my messaging clearly as well as suggestions on how I could elevate myself as a presenter. I would absolutely work with her again.” - Raised $4M Seed

Alessandra Knight

CEO of Katch

“Lisa is a fantastic coach!! Her ideas for growth, marketing, and business helped us see our company with fresh eyes. She helped us refine our pitch to new users and investors. The years of experience, spark of energy, and encouragement Lisa brought to the table were all instrumental in helping us get closer to our product goals and fundraising goals.” - Go To Market advisor for pre-token sale

Erick Lopez

Creative Director of RocketFi

“Really well done. She not only provided feedback but asked questions that allowed me to explain to the broader audience what my company and brand does.” - Raising $3M

Jason Tiger

CEO of Bubble Universe

“Lisa coached my verbal delivery and every detail of our presentation materials. She provided numerous small and large changes which I believe made a significant positive impact on how it was received. She has an acute eye for detail and a good sense of what works with people.”

Graham Morehead

CEO of Pangeon

“Lisa gave us Incredible feedback on our pitch narrative and speaking style leading up to the startup showcase. Additionally, she has been generous in offering her support and connections to continue to build our start up. Very excited to work with her on multiple aspects, both related to business and personal growth."

Pico Velasquez


Business Coaching

"Lisa's 8-week business course was the clearest and most informative outline on how to start and execute a small business launch I have ever come across. She provides an in-depth and highly informative template explaining the process from starting an idea & marketing strategies, to how to pitch and build a team. Lisa's intuitive abilities helped me see my strengths & weaknesses in a clearer light while her valuable knowledge and concise direction gave me insight and clarity on what was previously a very intimidating and confusing process. I highly recommend Lisa as a career & business coach to anyone who is looking to launch a business, refine their business strategy, or expand and refine their career goals!"

Lydia Bell

Creative and Brand Marketer

“Lisa has been a tremendous help to my business and overall entrepreneurship journey. The diverse hats she has worn, from being in the trenches to investing, gives a unique perspective that you can’t get otherwise. Insight that helps avoid pitfalls and find opportunities. Pump the brakes or floor the gas. All instances where experienced advice is key. She has the ability to match passion with a deliverable product and one in on the market fit. Connector is an understatement, she builds indispensable relationships while consistently looking for areas of mutual value creation. Her structured guidance is like an accelerator program but with 1 on 1, partner level attention. Lisa has been a tremendous help to my overall entrepreneurship journey and I’m very fortunate to have Lisa as an advisor."

Chris Liu

CEO of Duo

"Lisa was a great role model as an example of a female entrepreneur who creates businesses with honesty and authenticity."

Trianna Brannon

CEO of FullCircle

"Lisa's coaching and insights will give you a full practical blue print to grow your business."

Nicolas Crequat

Founder of Online Calisthenics

"Lisa is a rockstar! She’s kind and compassionate in her approach, while still conveying the hard truths. She’s given me some great ideas around driving community with my product and leads by example in her own work. She’s sharp and straight to the point. Also an awesome DJ!!"

Karthy Chandra

CEO of Goalden Hour

"Lisa's program was so great for me as a newbie entrepreneur. I learned so much about how to set up the business. It would have taken me forever to get through this process without the structure Lisa had set up. For anyone considering work with Lisa, I would highly recommend it!"

Jacki Mundrawala

CEO of FullCircle

"Lisa is one of the best coaches I’ve ever met. I used to play hockey competitively, and just like my coaches back then, she never lets you take a shift off. She is very active in her guidance, and she pulls you through a well-oiled process that she’s developed over her years as an entrepreneur herself, but also as an angel investor. That’s the second reason why she’s so good at what she does - unlike a lot of business coaches, she’s still very much in the game. She’s constantly building businesses and investing in them, so she has an intimate and contemporary knowledge of what you’re going through as an entrepreneur. If you have an early-stage business idea and need an excellent process and an expert guide to get it off the ground, Lisa is the perfect coach for you."

Ion Valis

Coach, Speaker, Futurist

"Lisa’s structured approach to building a brand, message, and pitch is tremendously thorough. Our business breakout groups provided valuable insight from a wide range of perspectives which are eye opening and in my opinion indispensable."

George Jeng

CEO of Beezy

Executive Coaching

“Lisa was exceptional in our early growth strategy. With her expertise we were able to synergize our next steps and really move forward. I really appreciated how she is able to articulate a clear plan and qualify on how each piece of it connects together. I look forward to receiving coaching again when we need to reexamine more milestones!”

Ilbum Kwak

Co-Founder of InTouch Innovations

“Lisa has been instrumental since day one with my “idea” to idea prototype and current sales efforts. She is very intuitive in her approach to support and strategize. She has helped me navigate challenging team issues and stay focused in spite of barriers and distractions. In addition, she has helped me in conscious leadership tactics and frameworks. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a great advisor or team leader!"

Erica Solis

CEO of PoppyHero

“I highly recommend Lisa Yu. She is very passionate about helping mission-driven entrepreneurs like myself to succeed. Her experience on both sides of the table as as investor and executive running startups is invaluable. I am a first-time CEO needing help with selling my software. Lisa has helped me strengthen my sales funnel and product packaging through her direct, actionable, and insightful feedback. Lisa is the real deal and I'm glad to have her in my corner as I scale my business!”

Alek Tan

CEO of InnoDT

“Working with Lisa was great. Her go getter attitude and her ability to constantly adapt to changing situations helped accelerate development.”

Aaron Rau

CTO of Healthnote

Activation Sessions

“I am currently working with Lisa on a weekly basis via activation calls. Imagine being stuck with your idea for days, weeks, months, maybe even years; Lisa will support in unlocking your potential and seeing beyond what you could see. This has been my experience with Lisa thus far. I'm looking forward to growing myself and my business(es) with Lisa!!”

Calvin Hang

Co-Founder of Food Fest Live

“If you need someone to "Activate" you or your startup idea, Lisa is who you should turn to. She gives amazing advice and helps you bring your thoughts together along with understanding what your next steps should be. We currently have worked in the same ecosystem and when I approached her about my business idea, she helped guide me in the right direction, totally activating me to research, build and accelerate my company to the next level. Bring your company to life, she will help you!!!! Thank you Lisa!!”

Lorel Scott

Co-founder of StartupStarter

“Lisa’s passionate approach to everything she does is a testament to who she is as coach, and most importantly as a person. Her attention to detail is infectious. Anyone looking to grow a successful company needs someone like Lisa on the team.“

Danny Morris II

CEO of Vue

“In just a 20 minute session, Lisa got straight to the point and certainly made a difference to the on ramp of our story. Ninja stuff!”

Joanna Hubbard

CEO of Electron

Life Coaching

"Lisa is a rare and powerful coach. She's got this laser-focused clarity mixed with deep intuition (layered onto her many years of expertise). A total powerhouse of an ally -- and she's so warm and enthusiastic about your growth that it make you want to shoot for the moon!"

Emily Diaz

Executive at 15Five

“Lisa helped me create structure and systems in my life as an entrepreneur and this has been incredibly valuable. Her strategic, organized, big picture and brilliant mind was the perfect complement to my hustler and fiery mentality. In only 4 months, I've implemented clear and much needed systems to create sustainable growth and balance in my life and business. I can now move forward with the systems we've implemented and that I can build on by myself. I am so thankful. Having Lisa by my side for these 4 months has been grounding, energizing and liberating all at once!”

Alix Rufas

Full Potential Coaching

“I had broad, vague goals, in various aspects of life: family, work, relationships, passions, projects, etc. They never fed into one another and for the longest time I just felt like I was chasing after one thing, dropping the ball on another. Lisa went into extreme detail with my goals and at the end of our coaching session, we had laid the building blocks for me to achieve them and how they were connected. It's not easy being honest with yourself with where you're at and eloquently saying where'd you'd like to be. You cannot find Lisa's level of organization, creativity and most importantly, compassion, anywhere else.”

Karis Oasan

Sip and Savor Travel